The things you notice

I’ve always been interested in the design aesthetic of houses.  But now having built one, I notice a lot more.  Take this one a mile or so from ours for instance.

I always thought the plantation style columns were odd for this area.  The aesthetic is especially strange with the columns being so tall and thin.

Looking a little closer, it seems pretty clear this house started out in the craftsman style, and someone thought high porch room would look cool for some reason and added it on.  Look at how the porch room interfaces with the rest of the building:

Sure looks like they just chopped into the roof and attached that 2nd floor porch roof. A view from the other side makes the roof add-on look even more out of place.

If you look carefully at the sides of the house, you can see a skirt between the 1st and 2nd floors.

You’ve got to love the way one column goes through the garage roof.

It seems as this was a somewhat unassuming 2 story craftsman house before the porch roof and columns were added.  A view from the side confirms this.

There’s an interesting old Craftsman house a block away from us that has started undergoing restoration.  I’ll discuss that one in a future post.


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