The siding work began last week.¬† We’ve got scaffolding up all around the house, and the house has been Tyvek wrapped.

Other than the building wrap, one of the first things the siding contractor is working on is the second floor skirt, also sometimes called a flare  Here are the beginnings of that framing.

Here is a great example of what a flare like this looks like on a finished house.

(Look at where the shingles widen out at the bottom of the second story above the front porch.)

2 thoughts on “Siding

  1. The flare appears in three distinct areas on the house.
    – On the front around the sun room (that sticks out) and dies into the roof
    – On the south side for a stretch
    – On the rear part around the master bedroom.

    Probably all-in-all aobut 40-50% of the side will have this feature.

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