Pool – despite everything, progress continues again

What a couple of weeks it has been.  Two weeks ago, we finished the excavation of our pool.  At that time, just two short weeks ago, no-one was talking about sheltering in place or how many new coronavirus cases were reported that day.

Obviously, a lot has happened since then.  Coronavirus notwithstanding, we’ve had two weeks of on and off rain, which made it impossible to proceed with the steel, plumbing, and shotcrete to finish out the pool shell.  Here is what the pool looked like this morning after more than 4 inches of rain in the last two weeks (a good amount for us here), compared to what it looked like two weeks ago.

A little worse for the wear, and pretty muddy for sure, but all-in all, there wasn’t enough erosion to warranty any serious remediation. The sump pump did a very good job of getting the water out of the bottom of the pool.

Other than the rain, the big challenge of course is the coronavirus and all the havoc that is causing in our personal lives and economy.  But construction activity are considered essential services, it is generally better to keep people working than not working in this difficult time, and the pool construction (this phase anyways) doesn’t require the guys to be in close proximity.

So, with only a little rain on the forecast for the next week, the steel guys are laying down rebar, and the plumber is scheduled for later this week, shotcrete early next week.


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