Audio / Video / Network / Home Automation reboot

We’ve struggled over the last year to get our audio / video, network, and home automation system completed.  We had issue with our integrator that in the end, proved terminal.  The work just wasn’t getting done and we had problems with some of the items that were installed.

So we hired a new integrator and began work in earnest about a month ago.  The first thing we had to do was to go backwards a bit, ripping out some of the stuff the previous integrator had installed.

But they quickly made progress on all fronts, with a team of guys swarming through the house during a week when the family was gone.  We’ve now got a more functional network, wifi that covers most areas, a home control system that is 70% complete, and improved audio-video systems all through the house.

We’ve made a great start but, this is a big project, and there is still a lot to do.  Just getting equipment is a challenge these days with shipping bottlenecks and chip shortages, so some of the projects are stuck waiting for equipment.

When it is done though, we will be able to control everything through a single smart phone app, dedicated remotes, or with dedicated wall mounted tablets, including:

  • house lighting
  • landscape lighting
  • music
  • tv / video
  • electronic shades
  • home security
  • surveillance cameras
  • garage doors
  • door locks
  • HVAC
  • pool
  • water heater recirculation
  • smart water shutoff
  • house air circulation fan
  • fireplaces

It will be a pretty awesome system and our new integrators are very responsive and have been continually working to get things done.

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