Neighborly luck

The property next to us came on the market last year.  It is a large 1/2 acre property, like ours, with a 3,000 or so square foot house close to the front of the property.  Much of the yard is unfinished (and old dilapidated tennis court) and the house hasn’t seen a remodel since the 60’s.  The guys that bought it plan on remodeling the house, possibly adding some square footage, and adding a guest house in the back along with a pool.  When it is done, it will be a nice companion property to have next to ours.

Because both projects are happening at the same time, it makes sense to share come costs for things along the border of our two properties, which stretches about 200 feet.  It is our luck that our new neighbors have a similar vision for the property, and have agreed to split everything 50/50.

The current border has a small segment of an old wall, and lots and lots of mish-mash growth made up of overgrown hedges, small trees, bamboo, ivy, and who knows what else.

Today we started the first phase of that part of the project, clearing out all the old foliage.  They will pay for cutting everything down, and we will have our excavator pull out all the stumps with his backhoe.

Once that is done, we are going to put up a new wall of a similar style to the existing small remnant.

And finally, we will be planing some new tall hedges between the two houses for privacy.

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